Tub 100-lit

Another Plastvnyk service offers smart solutions and products specific to the industry to optimize processes and ensure that the transport and storage of materials.

One of the charter and containers and trolleys, storage containers, tubs and tanks of products offered in this section is conical. Breadth of products offered in this section are as diverse as our customers need and request.

Due to very good resistance against corrosive chemicals and compatibility of our products with the requirements of food storage alternative for stainless steel is used in various industries.

Each of the customers can access specific products, such as printed or engraved logo and organization as well as the installation of additional equipment such as doors, drain valves, flanges, wheel and ... enjoy.

Delivery Price in Tehran7,400,000 Rial
Internal Length(cm)89
Internal Width(cm)46
Internal Height(cm)26
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